lunedì 31 gennaio 2011

Yuto Nagatomo all'Inter

Oggi, a pochi minuti dal termine del mercato invernale, l'Inter ha finalizzato l'acquisto di Yuto Nagatomo. Il terzino Giapponese, che militava nel Cesena, è stato recentemente protagonista nel gol che ha reso il Giappone campione d'Asia. La sede dell'Inter a Milano è già invasa da giornalisti e tifosi Giapponesi che vogliono la maglia del nuovo terzino dell'Internazione FC.


Yuto Nagatomo arrives at Inter Milan

Today Inter Milan bought from Cesena Calcio the Japanese defender Yuto Nagatomo. The player was one of the main actors in the goal that last Saturday made Japan the champion of Asia for the fourth time. Inter's main offices in Milan had been already assaulted by Japanese media and supporters asking for the jersey of the new Internazionale's defender.



今日はインテルACチェゼーナから長友・佑都行きました。長友は先週に日本のサムライ・ブルーでアシアチャンピオンになりました。 ミラノのインテルナツィオナーレのマインビルにもう多い日本人来ました。皆がもう長友の新しいジャージーを買いたい。


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2 commenti:

  1. We Japanese are very happy to hear the news. Many Japanese people knows Inter Milan is very famous and strong soccer team. it's very difficult for Japanese to be offered from such a good team... so we are very proud of him and hope his success.

    Nagatomo is a good defender. He had a very important role in the last Asian Championship. He is not tall but fast, touch and clever. So I'm sure he can do well in Inter Milan.

  2. @Taizo: I agree with you. I have seen him playing in Cenesa and I really liked him. It's really fast and he also has offensive skills.

    Recently there are more than one nice Japanese players around. Honda, Nagatomo, Kagawa, Morimoto. I think is the first that Japan has more than one or two very good players in the team.


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